General Contracting (GC)

The Wilsten Group, Inc. was founded as a general contractor and has been regularly providing construction services through this arrangement since 2010. In this type of delivery, the owner engages an architect to complete the design and then The Wilsten Group to build, or renovate the building. General contracting traditionally includes three steps: design, bid and build. However, we typically provide other variations of this process to meet individual client’s needs.

Construction Management (CM)

The Wilsten Group, Inc. also performs as a construction manager for all types of facilities. As your construction manager, we offer pre-construction services to help achieve the project’s cost, quality and time objectives in addition to the typical construction responsibilities. Many times, clients choose the construction management route, due to time or budget constraints that require additional management during the design process to ensure there are no surprises when construction starts.

Design Build (DB)

The Wilsten Group, Inc. can provide design-build services where we act as a single source for the construction/renovation of buildings. In this arrangement, the client contracts with The Wilsten Group, Inc. to provide all design, engineering and construction services including all pre-construction associated with completing the project. The streamlined process simplifies the owner’s involvement in the project and maximizes efficiencies associated with time and cost. The Wilsten Group, Inc. partners with proven architectural and engineering firms to provide the client with the best project.

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